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Add Contact
  • At My Contacts tab, there is an icon on the top navigation bar that will navigate you to add new contact.
  • An invitation can be sent by typing or pasting the invitee’s ChatPoint ID in the input box.
  • In addition to inputting or pasting the ChatPoint ID, a new contact can now be added via scanning the account QR code (‘Scan QR‘ button at the top bar)
  • Your QR Code can be found by tapping on the additional icon at the account information page
  • Besides copying and sharing your ChatPoint ID, one may also present your account QR code to others nearby for quick scanning.
  • After the invitation has been sent, you can find it at the My Contacts tab under the corresponding company section. The invitation can be cancelled.
  • What is ChatPoint ID?
    Your own ChatPoint ID can be found in the account information page and can be copied and shared to others.
Accept / Reject Invitation
  • Invitations received from other users are displayed on top at the My Contacts tab.
  • Tap on the invitations and then choose to accept or reject.
  • Once accepted, the direct contact collaboration between both parties is ready.
Delete contact
  • Contacts with deleted users inside your domain can be deleted.
  • Contacts with any users outside your domain can be deleted.
  • The deletion of contacts requires confirmation similar to the deletion of groups.
Disconnected Contact
  • The contact is disconnected when the account of your contact counterpart is removed from its domain.
  • The contact is disconnected when the contact counterpart has removed you from the contact list.
  • After the contact is disconnected, the conversation session in chatroom is ended.
  • After the contact is disconnected, the files of the contact counterpart can still be accessible either you have already copied to your storage or you have opened them and cached in your device.
Cached Files
  • Cached files can be identified by the Cached in My Device  indicator icon. You can still view, share, forward or copy to your own storage.
  • Files ever copied to your storage can be identified by the Copied to My Storage  indicator icon

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