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At Group Chatting mode
  1. Go to the chatroom of a group (Group name is shown at the screen top).
  2. Move the mouse over the target file/message in the chatroom.
  3. Click the   forward icon at the right bottom of the target file/message.
  4. The file/message is copied and placed together on where the destination chatroom you locate.
  5. Then follow the message/file delivery mechanism in chatroom to send the file/message.

[Note: In Web version, this action is carried out by the [Forward] command]

At File Chatting mode
  1. Go to the group where your source file locates.
  2. Click the  function icon next to the file name that you want to move to other location.
  3. Click the [Send to Quick Chat] item from the selection menu.
  4. The source file is now placed in chatroom input box of the group which stores your source file.
  5. Now you can send the source file to the chatroom.
At Group Chatting mode
  1. Go into the chatroom of the group, where your source file/message locates.
  2. In chatroom, long tapping on the message to select message/file. Multiple selections are supported.
  3. After the selection, tap on the top right corner menu icon  to pop up a message action list.
  4. The action list displays the actions available for selection. These actions are listed according to a combination of the nature of the selected messages. Messages include text messages, files, files with attachments, and messages with attachments. Refer to Help Center –> Chatroom Actions (iOS/Android) of Message and File (Actions) .
  5. For [Forward],
    1. Tap the [Forward] item on the action menu.
    2. Go into the destination group and tap its chatroom.
    3. Then see the file and its attached message placed at the screen bottom ready for sending to the chatroom.
At File Chatting mode
  1. Find out the file by searching a file you want to forward if you don’t know where it locates.
  2. Tap the searched file, then bring you to its direct group that masters the file which may be stored in a folder inside the group.
  3. After the selection, tap the  function icon next to the file name, then pop up an action menu.
  4. Select the [Forward] item on the menu.
  5. Select the destination that you want the source file to be forwarded to.

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