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iOS & Android
  1. Swipe to the right to reveal the side menu, then select ‘Photo Search‘. OR
  2. Using the top navigation bar, select the ‘Search‘ icon to navigate to the search screen, and switch to ‘Photo‘ tab at the bottom bar for ‘Photo Search‘.
Basic Usage
  1. At the top of the Photo Search screen, the search entry box is provided for users to input their search text.
  2. The ‘Exact Match‘ checkbox is for matching the search result with the search text exactly or not.
  3. Common classifications are listed at the bottom. Tap on each classification to immediately search and browse its images.
  4. Similar to File and Message Search, tap on the arrow button on the top right corner to proceed to the search result.
  5. The photo grid will be displayed in the search result if relevant photos can be found.
  6. The search result can be further filtered with the second search text by tapping the filter icon on the top right
  7. Tap on the photo thumbnail to popup for viewing the larger version and the file details.
  8. In addition, related searches of the photo are given and can be tapped to search related photos by such related search word.

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