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Who can search files?
  • All user types
  1. Click the  All Groups Search icon at the top left, then popup a search windows, then opt [Documents].
  2. Pop up an [Search Result] windows. 
  3. Criteria to search Documents:
    • File Name
      [File name accepts partial input]
    • File Content
      [File content search supports the combined Boolean search, i.e. to add AND between content inputs]
    • Keywords
      [Keyword groups and values setup]
    • Owned by Me
      [Those files delivered by you]
    • File Type
      [Accepts selection of multiple file types]
    • Upload Time
      [File upload time]
    • Column Sorting
      [File list sorting by Name, Group Name/File Name, Owner, Size or Upload Time)
    • Quick Search Box (next to icon) 
  4. After finding your file, you may perform the following actions:
    1. Click the photo/symbol
    2. Click the selected (highlighted) file
    3. Click the action menu of the source file
  5. You may refer to Help Center -> File (Functions) -> Find a file for more details.
  1. Tap the [Recent, or All Groups].
    [Note: (a) If My Groups is selected, only all groups created by you are searched through; (b) External users don’t have My Groups.]
  2. Tap the  search icon at the top menu.
  3. Turn into a screen to input search criteria. And, select [Documents] or [Messages]for the search.
  4. After input the criteria, then tap the  start search icon at the screen top. Results are then listed.
  5. You may refer to Help Center -> File (Functions) -> Find a file for more details.

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