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Work with channel groups and folders, user disk space allocation, set to access history or after user created, speedy switching of logins empowers collaborations of companies.

Integrated groups/folders/files structure, file versioning, traceable and recoverable messages, business-oriented mechanism of instant recorded voice delivery.

A file can be a chat platform on which you can make interactive chats and attach documents. Find your data with ease using our extensive search engine.

Data is encrypted by AES 256-bit SSL/TLS, where AES namely Advanced Encryption Standard, to protect your workplace. You can also specify which mobile devices are permitted to login.

Stay organized with groups and members

Groups and folders creation

Create and organize your own list of business teams and chat groups. Group members share and contribute by the invite-only mechanism.

Manageable internal and external users

Manage group members of internal users of various level, and also external users who are with limited access rights.

Historical accessibility option

Option to enable group members to access from history or from each member’s own creation time. Accessing the history speeds up user learning.

Removal of a group member is not auto-announced

Removal of a group member does not auto-announce to all other members, preventing unnecessary impact on the group.

Manage the disk space of your users

User-level disk size allocation which can avoid users engaging much business data space.

Speedy swapping login of companies and users

Handy switching from one set of work domain and user account to another set, without repeating the login and logout process.

Shareable and manageable chats/files/folders

Image resolution preserved

Photo/image resolution remains unchanged after transferred.

Photos/video taking, and voice recording

Built-in tool for photo/video taking, and voice recording.

Recorded voice review-able and attachable with notes

Recorded voice can be attached with notes, listened for review, prior to the uploading.

Replied messages traceable

Replied messages can be speedily traced back to the starting message.

Message text to speech

Express chatroom text messages in speech for listening while also reading the text.

No loss of attached notes

File attached with notes remains connected after transfer within the workdomain.

File can be chatted and attached with more files

You can chat on any file and attach more files on it to further supplement information.

Files transferable across various apps

Files are transferable to and from other apps, e.g. WhatsApp, WeChat, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud.

Deleted messages and files are recoverable

Messages and files after deleted in your chatroom can be recovered by you.

Cross-companies collaboration

The login-swapping mechanism can speedily switch to collaborate with authorized companies via the shared channel groups.

Share folders and files to the authorized

Share links of folders and files to the authorized parties to access.

Document versioning

Document versioning enables file versions, history and recovery

Multi-layer chats with files and all-round search

A file also acts a chatroom platform

Any file can be a chatroom on which you can further make interactive chats and comments, and attach documents.

Searchable comments on moment snapshotted

Handily make immediate comments on each moment snapshotted by the built-in camera, and all comments are searchable.

Handy input and retrieval record system

The built-in mechanism of keyword groups and values enables handy record input and retrieval to help identify records ready for future structural search and retrieval.

File content search

File content search supports structured search process allowing you to insert words such as AND to limit the search.

File chats/comments search

Comments can be made on files and searchable [apply on any file types, e.g. image, video, audio, voice record].

Built-in keyword system search

The built-in engine of user-definable keyword tables structurally simplifies the complex need of searching and retrieval.

Traceable search

Correlated information identifies your common groups with you and the members listed, and also each member’s new and replied messages and the files ever delivered by that member in the groups.

Message search

Message search by text and date ranges.

Enable records simple for retrieval

Take one page-file to represent a single client case, on which you can make interactive comments and attach any documents, precisely empowering only one single file to be associated with all relevant documents and messages.

Security, protection and authorization

Data encryption

Data is encrypted by AES 256-bit SSL/TLS, where AES, namely Advanced Encryption Standard, is a symmetric block cipher used to encrypt data.

Login permission of mobile devices

Specify which mobile devices are permitted to access, to avoid unauthorized mobile devices using your same login criteria.

Switch work domains and user accounts

Simultaneous multiple “user accounts login” enables you to handily switch your identity and the work domain to collaborate with different teams and organizations.