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Files and data interoperability applications, artificial intelligence photo face recognitions, teams and cross-companies collaboration, multi-business processes and projects management

Make your life easy at work

Speed up work, well organize multi-tasks and understand customer data better

Helps businesses organize and understand the internal product services and customer data better, managing relationships and interactions with current and potential customers.

Matrix Search and Data Export

Flexible keyword-matrix contains columns with all sorts of different data points you use. What data you choose to include will depend on the goal of your keyword to be applied. And, export your keywords data with ease for further processing

Productivity, Collaboration, Multi-projects

Definable and constructable tasks and object elements help you visualize the linking among project tasks, customers, products and services and their relationship

  • Increases customer revenues
  • Helps the sales team in closing deals faster
  • Facilitates discovery of new customers
  • Enhances better customer service
  • Builds up effective internal communication
  • Improves team activities visibility

Finding image texts and photos has never been easier with our AI

The struggle of not being able to find files of photos and image texts that you forget the file names can often be frustrating. Our AI does all the hard work for you with Image Text Recognition and Intelligent Photo Detection and Search

Image Text Recognition

Recognize image text content and auto-associate with the original image file. So you can find them with ease using text in those image files

Intelligent Photo/Image Detection

Our AI detects and analyzes the details of your uploaded photo/image, providing you with keywords and suggestion as to what the image is about. Now, you don’t even need to remember the exact filename to search any image you upload

Level-up security on Web Access and Mobile Device

Cross-platform access restriction offers you a complete control over which web access network and mobile device that can access your ChatPoint system

Web version

Allow to restrict web accessing the ChatPoint System from only specified network/IP address, such as office network. This is to engage your work in a secure environment

Mobile version

Avoid unauthorized access to your ChatPoint system in mobile environment. You have full control on which mobile device can access your system

Keep conversations and files highly organized, shareable and traceable

High integration of file chats and collaboration messages makes relationally information traceable across groups

Group chats and file chats

Highly integrated chats in channel groups and on files empower you clearer and further correlated info of historical happenings. The traceable history enables you to accelerate your business process.

Photo/video/audio files searchable

With the ChatPoint’s unique mechanism, all files of photo, video, and audio are still searchable even if missing their file names. There is no hurdle in searching written, video and oral reports.

Document management,
Logins switching and Mobiles access control

Documents are structurally stored and efficiently searched, and also team collaboration and access permission control on using mobile devices


Keep track of document versions and traceable file comments to significantly improve business operation and efficiently identify and retrieve documents of previous versions for recovery and share with others.

Logins switching

Handily switch from one set of work domain and user account to another set, without repeating the login and logout process. You can also deactivate a user login account.


You can pre-specify a list of mobile devices and at anywhere handily enable or disable your selected devices to access ChatPoint system, to avoid unauthorized mobile devices using the same login criteria of your user members.

Empower team collaboration and production

Innovative documentation and collaboration system unifying folders, files, and chats into one complete team solution

Increase work efficiency

You can now achieve better communication integrity. ChatPoint provides you with clear, correlated and traceable chats and files across all groups. No more piling up of emails that are difficult to find and easy to miss.

Integrate with new members

Chatpoint is the best messaging app because the team messages are made available not just to people on your team today, but also to those who will get on board later on.

Reduce inefficient emails and improve team communication

A new way of information exchange starts here to reduce emails

Reduce use of emails

Traditional emails easily make you lose communication integrity and miss past connections of participants, messages and attachments.

Increase team communication

You can now achieve better communication integrity as the system provides you with clear, correlated and traceable chats and files across all groups. No more piling up of emails that are difficult to find and easy to miss.

Connect your work and people together

Connect groups/chats/folders/files/ and users of various levels

Work together

Group members of various levels work together on different activities and projects, with the provision of effective communication channel groups, and documents exchange.

Work everywhere

Wherever you are and you want access to some figures, files and chats of other mobiles and computers, you can still seamlessly collaborate with your teams to instantly conclude and obtain.