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Make your project operation run smoother than ever before

Seamlessly and efficiently work together, without limits.

  • Project & Task

What You Can Achieve​

  • Make your project missions run smoothly and ease the work on multi-tasks
  • Seamlessly and efficiently work together with team members who may be in remote locations, while retaining a productive manner
  • Efficient filing system with folder and group structures manage more documents that each may also require multiple classifications
  • Relationally linked messages and files within an integrated system avoid easily losing track of messages, files, folders, groups and participants encountered when crossing so many platforms
  • Definable message templates simplify the complex and regular need of message input for reporting project progress in the relevant chatroom with the project leader or the group
  • Support via a variety of collaboration channels: a) direct contact with internal individuals and partner companies; b) internal groups and members; c) any document can be with interactive comments and supplementary files attached, and all searchable
  • Speedily identify common groups and users between you and specific users with regard to related files/messages sent and received
  • Enrich the further need of MS Outlook email items & the attachments: Backup items, make comments, attach supplements, speedy and comprehensive search

Document management

Keep track of document versions and traceable file-comments to greatly improve the internal operation need.

Efficient access to records

Any file can be attached with comments and various doc types such as video and audio, and all are searchable. This precisely empowers to have only one single file record per customer while still keeping all associated info and attachments on it.

All-round search capabilities

An extensive search mechanism that includes filters like file names, file content and boolean, file types, file comments, user-definable structural keyword groups and values, dates, etc.

Notification system

All group members are alerted once a comment is delivered.

Keyword record system

The built-in engine of user-definable keyword tables and values construct a handy record system to help identify the required data records.

Historical knowledge sharing

Assign new sales staff to access historical messages and files in specified groups to speed up their learning.

All your customer info in one place

Keep customer, communication and file records such as proposals delivery and plans ever prepared.

Build stronger client relationship

Improve clients and cases tracking so you can spend more time building better and stronger client relationship.

Comprehensive view of clients’ profile

Provide a full-fledged view of clients, including individual histories, key contacts and understanding of clients or cases, and achieving better monitoring, and systematic evaluation of services.

Easy access to information

High integration of file chats and documents makes relational information traceable across groups.

Your data is secure

Data is encrypted using latest industry standard to protect your workplace and users chat & file search. 

Quick sharing and easy access

Instantly store and share files with support teams to prepare for fixing those defects. High integration of file chats and documents makes relational information traceable across groups.