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per workdomain per month
(Billed yearly)
per workdomain per month
(Billed yearly)
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Internal users per workdomain
Internal user is a user type of (Business Owner, Admin, Member). Workdomain is a domain or work code on ChatPoint to be used by the subscriber.
External users per workdomain
External user is a visitor to the workdomain
Storage per workdomain
The amount of storage offered by default
2 GB20 GB100GB
Channel groups
Channel group is a group for users to collaborate and share files
Tiered admin roles
Role-based user levels and access control to connect channel groups, folders, files, messages
Switch workdomains & user accounts
Speedily switch from one set of workdomain and user account to another set, without repeating the login and logout process.

The switching destination is any paid-plan workdomains plus up to 2 free-plan workdomains.
Share groups across workdomains
Collaborate via share channel groups with other companies carrying different unique workdomain codes. The sharing is valid across paid-plan workdomains plus up to 2 free-plan workdomains.
Searchable history
Searchable items in history
Key tables multi-categorize any file
Definable layered-keyword tables to multi-categorize a file without replicating the file in another classified folders
Make searchable file comments
Comments can be made on any file, and comments are searchable
Upload image & auto-identify text
Image text recognition is performed on all newly uploaded image files and the recognized image texts are automatically searchable by using the file content search.
Recognized text editable
Recognize image text and auto-attach to the original image file, enabling the file content searchable. The recognized content can also be edited before attaching to the file.
AI analytical detection on photos
The artificial intelligence detects and analyzes the details of your uploaded photo/image, and provides you with keywords and suggestion as to what the image is about. Now, you don’t even need to remember the exact filename to search any image you upload.
Facial matching search
AI analyzes your uploaded photo/image ready for your facial-matching search
Conference for multi-workdomains
Conference Channeling allows multiple users from various workdomains to communicate with each other.

The conference host can obtain from its own contact list to add new workdomains to join the conference. Each conference participating workdomains have their representatives who can further add their own workdomain members to join the conference.
Customer Engagement
“Customer Engagement” via simple access mechanism enables your clients to easily know you and be engaged in various groups
Direct contact and switching
Allow direct contact with users of same or different workdomains
Set group users to access history
Option to set channel group members to access the group from history or from each user’s respective creation time
Files and folders recovery
Recover deleted files and folders from recycle bin
Share link (files), password option
Share link of a file to the authorized parties to access, and password can be setup
Share link (folders), password option
Share link of a folder to the authorized parties to access, and password can be setup
Document versioning
A paid-plan allows 10 versions of each document to exist simultaneously. Any more version will replace the first existing version in the order of the version list.
Video secure meets
Secure video and audio meetings, screen sharing, background blur, with end-to-end encryption.
Video secure meets (Dedicated)
Host your own dedicated video server to operate your secure video and audio meetings, screen sharing, background blur, with end-to-end encryption
Control Mobile devices to access
Specify which mobile devices are permitted to login
Control Web networks to access
Allow to restrict web access to ChatPoint System from only specified network/IP addresses, such as office network. This is to engage your work in a secure environment
256-bit AES and SSL/TLS encryption
All communications are encrypted using SSL/TLS, meaning that third parties cannot see their contents. In addition, uploaded files are encrypted using the high-grade encryption method AES 256
Two-factor authentication (2FA)
Enhanced logon process making use of a designated device to confirm user access
Customer support
Priority: 24x5 email support
Dedicated: 24x7 support with 4-hour first response time
Internal user x5 (extra)$10.2$10.2
Internal user x10 (extra)$16.3$16.3
External user x10 (extra)$14.2$14.2
External user x20 (extra)$23.5$23.5
External user x100 (extra) (Promotion)
Only applicable until 2021-05-31
Storage 50GB (extra)$3.8$3.8
Storage 500GB (extra)$25.2$25.2
Storage 1000GB (extra)$35.2$35.2
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