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Find a message

[Who can use: All user types]

  1. Click the  All Groups Search icon at the top left, then popup a search windows, then opt [Messages].
  2. Pop up an [Search Result] windows.
  3. Different combinations of criteria to search Messages:
    • Search Text
      [Message text content accepts partial input]
    • Date Time (From)
      [Date range of “From”]
    • Date Time (To)
      [Date range of “To”] (Note: The default date range is 1 year)
    • My Message
      [Messages delivered by you]
    • Reply Message
      [Those replied messages, not limited to the login user]
    • File Attached Message
      [The message is attaching a file]
    • Quick Search Box (next to icon)
  4. Click the selected message from the search results.
  5. If the searched message is obtained from a file (i.e. file chat), then bring you to the chatroom of the selected file. The selected file is also highlighted on the file list of its belonging group shown on the screen’s right side.
  6. Click the   function icon next to the file name, then popup a selection menu for actions.

[Who can use: All user types]

  1. Tap the [Recent, or All Groups] at the bottom of the screen.
    [Note: (a) If My Groups is selected, only all groups created by you are searched through; (b) External users don’t have My Groups.]
  2. Tap the   search icon at the top menu.
  3. Turn into a screen to input search criteria. And, select [Messages] for the search
  4. After input the criteria, then tap the  start search icon at the screen top. Results are then listed.
    icon is to sort the list of searched results.
    icon is to sort the list of searched results.
    is to filter the searched results based on your input in the filter.