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Text Recognition

The built-in AI on text recognition enables image text content of an image file to be recognized and auto-associated with the original file (with the option to convert to a searchable PDF file), and store for speedy search. (Practical usage: apply to store and identify business name cards, invoices, instant image text captured, etc.)


  1. Any uploaded image will be automatically processed through our Text Recognition AI.
  2. To access the Text Recognition screen,
    1. Inside a chatroom, hover over the image until a list of function icons pops up below the image thumbnail. Click the ‘T‘ icon labelled ‘Artificial Intelligence Text Recognition’.
    2. Under ‘Documents‘ tab of a group (right side of the screen), click on the name of the image file to launch the Artificial Intelligence Text Recognition screen (you will see an underline when hovered over the file name)
  3. On the next screen, the left side shows the image file ready to be processed while the right side (‘Scan Result’) will display the extracted text once available.
  4. You can ‘Copy‘ or ‘Send‘ the extracted text by clicking the action buttons provided.
  5. Click ‘Send’ to fill in the message input box with the extracted text.
  6. Click ‘Enrich PDF‘ to extract the image into a PDF and attach it as a file inside the chatroom.
  7. To search for the image, access ‘All Groups Search‘ ‘and switch to ‘Documents‘ tab.
  8. Note that all the extracted text of an image are considered ‘File Content‘. So, enter your desired search text (text from the image) into ‘File Content’ input box and proceed.