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Getting started with direct contact

Add Direct Contact

  1. Click [My Contacts].
  2. Enter ChatPoint ID of the invitee by:
    1. Type in the ChatPoint ID (format is Workdomain:Login ID) then press the magnifying glass icon to confirm its existence; OR
    2. Click the “Scan QR” iCon at the top bar, then find out the QR Code file and proceed
  3. After the invitation is sent, the invitation status shows at the [My Contacts] tab under the corresponding invitee’s workdomain section.
  4. The invitation can be cancelled.
    [Note: Each user’s own ChatPoint ID can be found in the user’s account information page and can be copied and shared to other users.]

Accept / Reject Invitation

  • The invitee will receive the invitation to be displayed on top at the invitee’s [My Contacts].
  • On the invitation choose accept or reject.

Delete contact

  • Contacts with deleted users inside your domain can be deleted.
  • Contacts with any users outside your domain can be deleted.
  • The deletion of contacts requires confirmation similar to the deletion of groups.

Disconnected Direct Contact

  • The Direct Contact is disconnected when the account of your contact is removed from its domain.
  • After the contact is disconnected,
    • The conversation session in chatroom is ended; AND
    • The files of the contact counterpart can still be accessible either you have already copied to your storage or you have opened them and cached in your device.

Cached Files

  • Cached files can be identified by the Cached in My Device  indicator icon. You can still view, share, forward or copy to your own storage.
  • Files ever copied to your storage can be identified by the Copied to My Storage  indicator icon