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Files & Messages in Conference channel


  • Each workdomain has their own file repository for storing the files independent of each other. This is similar to Direct Contact.
  • Files sent will be stored in the domain storage (occupying the domain’s representative disk quota). The domain users can create sub-folders and organize their own files.
  • The conference participants can find all the other workdomains’ files under the the corresponding domain’s Document Folder.
  • The conference participants can search, download and view other domains’ files normally.
  • The conference participants can make a copy of other domains’ files to their own domain storage by the Copy to My Storage function (if the domain representative’s disk quota is sufficient).
  • Files copied to own domain storage can be kept for own future use even if the other domains removed the original files.
  • Files content search can only be supported for files in own storage, but not remote workdomains’ folder files.
  • The participants can manipulate files in own domain storage as the ordinary collaboration group such as file versioning, public share links, etc.


  • Messages can be sent, replied, forwarded as usual.
  • Messages can be deleted or recovered by the sender or the sender’s workdomain representative as usual.
  • Messages cannot be deleted or recovered by other workdomains in the conference chat.
  • Messages can be searched as usual within the current conference or globally.
  • Most functionalities in the chatroom can be supported.