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Terminology Overview

  1. Workdomain
    • A Workdomain on ChatPoint is representing the Subscriber. For a company, a Workdomain is made up of channel groups, where team members work together to create and share their vision on different activities and projects, via effective communication groups and document exchange, also across multiple companies.
    • A workdomain is unique for successful registration, and duplication is not allowed for another registration.
  2. Channel group
    Channel group is a group for users to collaborate and share files
  3. Internal user
    Internal user is a user type of (Business Owner, Admin, Member)
    1. Business Owner
      A primary workdomain owner
    2. Administrator
      An administrator of the workdomain
    3. Member User
      An internal user, excluding Business Owner and Administrator
  4. External user
    External user is a visitor to the workdomain
  5. User
    • 4 types of users, respectively (Business Owner, Administrator, Member User, External User).
    • Business Owner and Administrator are also a type of Internal User.
    • Business Owner can change a user type to also a Business Owner type.
    • Administrator cannot manage Business Owner
    • User who can collaborate in a group is a member of the group.
    • External User can view the list of members of the accessible groups, but not the user list of entire workdomain.
    • External User has no restriction on harddisk capacity, as an External User is invited by the group creator the consumption of harddisk size is accountable by the group creator.
  6. Group member
    A user who has the right to collaborate in a group is a member of the group.
  7. Group Administrators
    Group owner can make a group member as the group administrator. (External user cannot be the group administrator).
    Group administrators have the permissions to perform most of the document management operations as of the group owner excluding group owner’s files and folders.
    Group administrators can edit group description and assign group members and administrators but are not allowed to rename or delete group, change group icon or access the recycle bin.
  8. Chatroom
    Chatroom is a location where users can interactively post, read and exchange messages and documents. ChatPoint enables chatrooms both in a group and on any file to empower only one single file record per customer but still keeping all associated info and attachments on the file.
    Here are the different Chatroom types:
    • Direct Chat
      Chat with individuals across various domains for private and focused work
    • Document Chat
      A file can be a chat platform on which you can make interactive chats & attach files
    • Group Chat
      Collaborate with your group members through channel groups
  9. Switch workdomains and user accounts
    Speedily switch from one set of workdomain and user account to another set, without repeating the login and logout process. The switching destination is any paid-plan workdomains plus up to 2 free-plan workdomains.
  10. Share channel groups across workdomains
    Collaborate via share channel groups with other companies carrying different unique workdomain codes. The sharing is valid across paid-plan workdomains plus up to 2 free-plan workdomains.
  11. Keyword search tables 
    • The built-in engine of user-definable keyword tables structurally simplifies the complex need of searching and retrieval
    • Layered keyword search mechanism structured by Keyword Group and its Keywords and values.(Keyword Group → multiple Keywords → multiple Keyword Values)
  12. Searchable comments on file
    Comments can be made on any file, and comments are searchable
  13. Set group users to access history or start from their respective joining time
    Option to enable group members to access from history or from each member’s own creation time
  14. Message template
    • Users can create their own list of message wordings / templates for reuse, enabling the need of speedy and constant input of messages.
    • Users can also choose to share their texts with other users in the domain.
    • By typing the symbol $ at any location in the message edit box and wait for a second, the template list will be displayed. Continue typing the label name to filter the list result. Tap to select and apply the wordings.
    • Each user can add at most 50 entries.
  15. Notifications
    • Desktop Notification
      You can set up ChatPoint to show desktop notification when you receive messages while working on desktop Windows. This feature may not work depending on your browser.
    • Push Notification
      ChatPoint allows you to send push notification to your mobile when a message is received.
    • Notification Sound
      1. Notification sounds on mobile can be enabled or disabled for each Group chatroom or Direct Contact chat.
      2. In Group chatroom, you can force a member recipient of the Group to be notified with sound on mobile by simply taping on the member name selected from the group member list (or manually put @ symbol right in front of the member name) before your message is sent to the member.
  16. Authorize mobiles to login
    Specify which mobile devices are permitted to access.
  17. Share link (file, folder), password protected
    Share link of a file or folder to the authorized parties to access, and password can be setup
  18. Document versioning
    Document versioning enables file versions, history and recovery
  19. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Text Recognition
    The built-in AI on text recognition enables image text content of an image file to be recognized and auto-associated with the original file, and store for speedy search (Practical usage: apply to store and identify business name cards, invoices, instant image text captured, etc.)
  20. Two-factor Authentication (2FA)
    An enhanced logon process making use of a designated device to confirm user access.  You will be asked to verify your identity with a time-based one time password sent to your physical device like mobile phone after entering your login credentials on web version of ChatPoint.