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What is direct contact?

  • Make a channel of Direct Contact with user who is either of your same Workdoamin or different, without the need of a setting up a dedicated chat group for the communication.
  • The tab [My Contacts] shows the list of existing contacts or those being established
  • Notifications can be enabled / disabled for each contact.


  • Messages of [My Contacts] are treated in the same mechanism as those of [All Groups] and [My Groups].

Files and storage

  • Different from [All Groups] and [My Groups], each [My Contacts] user has own file repository for storing the files independent of each other
  • Files sent will be stored in the Sender’s storage (occupying the sender’s disk quota).
  • The Sender can create sub-folders and organize their own files.
  • The Receiver can find all the Sender’s files under the Sender’s Document folder.
  • The Receiver can search, download and view the Sender’s files normally.
  • The Receiver can make a copy of the Sender’s files to their own storage by the Copy to My Storage function (if the receiver’s disk quota is sufficient).
  • Files copied to own storage can be kept for own future use even if the sender removed the original files.
  • Files content search can only be supported for files in own storage, but not remote Sender’s files.
  • There is no Document Chat for files in direct contact.

Inactive/deleted users

  • Inactive or deleted users will still be shown in the contact list if you have contacted with them before.
  • You can still read the old messages and access the files that have been added to your storage.