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Relational search keys (Mobile)

Relational Search Keys

  • This type of search keys handles the document relationships and supports searching by the associations.


  • In the search key administration interface, there are now 3 different types selectable. (Free Text / List of Values / Relations)
  • No additional configuration is required for the Relation type.

[Keywords Matrix]

  • In the keywords matrix, the cells of the relational search keys will show either “Please select” or the associated document name. Tapping on it will open the document selector.
  • The document selector will display the folders and files of the corresponding group to which the document of the selected row belongs.
  • In the document selector, you can download and view the document caches by tapping on the file thumbnails / icons. Select your target file for the association and tap “Apply”.
  • Batch updating multiple cells on the relation type search keys is allowed only when all the selected documents (rows) are in the same group.
  • Existing operations like sorting, filtering, and undoing are all applicable to the new relation type.
  • The previous / next search key column navigation in the keywords matrix is now cyclic.
  • The new relational search key is also supported and working similarly in the original search key interface.

[Document Search]

  • To search by the relation type search key, users must first limit the search scope to one single group.
  • Then select the relational search key in the keywords section, open the document selector and choose the file to search for other documents associated with it.
  • The tap effect has been added to the saved search criteria labels.
  • Support saving the new relational search key criteria.