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Getting started with Public User Registration

Workdomains can now be opened for customer engagement / public user registration (Pro plan or above)

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  1. This can be accessible from the new icon on the top-right of the User Administration interface.
  2. There are a number of settings available and you can tap on their adjacent “?” icons to see the help text for explanation.
  3. The person in charge (PIC) is mandatory to open the registration. The registration will be closed automatically when the PIC user account is no longer available. (e.g. inactivated)
  4. The registration capacity is restricted by the number of external users allowed in the workdomain. The registration will be closed when the limit is reached.
  5. The registration link is generated during the first time opening.
  6. The registration link is universal. It will open the registration form in the mobile app if ChatPoint is installed in your mobile device, otherwise it will open in the web browser.

Registration flow

  1. The registrants are only required to provide the name and the email address.
  2. Email verification is essential to request registrants to input the 6-digit verification code.
  3. The email address will be the login ID and hence will be unique across the workdomain.
  4. The verification code will also be the initial password of the account for simplicity.
  5. Once the registration is successful, the new user will be automatically logged on to ChatPoint by tapping on the “chat” button.
  6. A direct contact has already been established between the new user and the PIC.
  7. The new user will receive the default welcome message (if given) from the PIC and can start using ChatPoint to begin the conversations.

Password reset

  1. With the same technique, password reset can now be taken place in the mobile app for user convenience.
  2. Similarly by tapping the hyperlink in the password recovery email with your mobile device, the password reset form will be opened in the ChatPoint mobile app.